Xandra, Kammie, and the Stupendous 9-Ball

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(After school one day...)

(Kammie is at Xandra's house.)

Kammie: Thanks for inviting me over to your house, Xandra.

Xandra: Come to my room. I want you to do something for me.

Kammie: Okay, I guess?

(They go upstairs to Xandra's room. There is a hidden camera (a Sahara Reverb "Alicia" device), which Kammie doesn't notice.)

Xandra: I opened up a Stupendous 9-Ball, extracted the purple liquid, and put it all in this bucket.

Kammie: What are we going to do with this liquid?

Xandra: I need you to drink it.

Kammie: What?

Xandra: Just drink it.

Kammie: Fine.

(Kammie drinks all of the liquid, and immediately starts vomiting. Her vomit is purple due to the liquid. Eventually, Kammie passes out.)

Xandra: Alicia, stop filming. (pause) I need to upload this video to my MeTube channel. I have more than half a million subscribers already, all from doing stupid stuff like the Stride Pacs challenge and rubbing FreezyHot on my private parts. This is the first time I've gotten a friend involved in one of these challenges. I can't wait for my first Fast-Forward Button award. Alicia, send latest video to xx.xandrathecutie2008.xx@ooglemail.com.

(Xandra gets on her desktop computer, opens OogleMail, and downloads the video attachment. She then cuts the video in Doors Film Maker and uploads the cut video to her MeTube channel, "Xandra2008", under the title "I Got My Best Friend To Drink STUPENDOUS 9-BALL JUICE (NOT CLICKBAIT)".)

Xandra: I opened my own bank account by using a fake birth date a few years ago, and they still don't know that I'm too young. That's where all the money I get from monetizing my MeTube videos goes. I used the bank account to buy a new phone, a Sahara Alicia assistant, and a cool desktop setup, all so I could make more videos and get more views and subscribers.

(Meanwhile, at Kammie's house, Kandy gets worried and calls 911. An Amber Alert is sent out.)

(Kammie's parents are watching TV, when they see the Amber Alert interrupt their programme.)

Kammie's Mom: Kamilla Maria Faye Delgado? That name sounds familiar...

Kammie's Dad: That's Kammie's full name!

(Meanwhile, at Nathan's house...)

(Nathan is watching a cartoon on TV, when he sees the Amber Alert.)

Nathan: Uh-oh. She said she was at Xandra's house.... I'm calling the cops and letting them know.

(Meanwhile, back at Xandra's house...)

(Suddenly, a police officer busts down the door to the house.)

Cop: I have received reports that the 11-year-old Caucasian female mentioned in the Amber Alert was here. Are these true?

Xandra's Mom: We saw the Amber Alert. Kammie is one of Xandra's friends, and I recall her saying that she was inviting a friend over after school. Her room is upstairs. It has a sparkly pink sign on the door saying "Xandra's Room" in a curly font.

(The cop comes into Xandra's room. He sees Kammie unconscious on the floor, as well as purple vomit and a disassembled Stupendous 9-Ball.)

Cop: Young lady, did you make Ms. Delgado drink the fluid from this toy?

Xandra: Um... Yes.

Cop: I'm calling an ambulance.

(The cop calls the paramedics, and an ambulance arrives. The paramedics get Kammie into the ambulance in a stretcher, and drive the ambulance to the hospital. When the ambulance gets to the hospital, they call Kammie's parents to tell them about what happened to their daughter.)

(About a day later, Kammie wakes up from her coma. She sees that she is in a hospital bed, and her parents and sisters are in the room, along with the doctors.)

Kammie: Huh? What happened? Am I okay?

Doctor: You're okay. Next time, don't listen to your friends if they tell you to do crazy things.

Kandy: If Xandra told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Kammie: In the past, I probably would. But now, I know better, and I wouldn't jump off a bridge at all, even if my BFF told me to.

(Meanwhile, at Xandra's house...)

(Xandra checks on her video. She sees that it has received more dislikes than likes, and that she has lost half of her subscribers.)

(Some comments:)

kittysworld: Why would you do this? You sent a girl to hospital!

NewsHound: I saw this on SNN! Disliked! You endangered a young girl's life!

Xandra2008fan4lyfe: Unsubbed! You went too far!

(Suddenly, Xandra gets an email from MeTube.)

From: MeTube (noreply@metube.com)

To: Xandra2008 (xx.xandrathecutie2008.xx@ooglemail.com)

Subject: Demonetization

Due to several reports from users, your MeTube channel has been demonetized. Please avoid making controversial videos in the future. If complaints continue, we may terminate your channel.

(C)2020 MeTube Inc.

(Xandra deletes the video, but the damage has already been done. Several mirror versions pop up on VidLeak.)

(The next day, when Xandra gets her phone...)

Xandra: I have a new email from MeTube! What could it be? Am I being remonetized?

(She reads the email...)

From: MeTube (noreply@metube.com)

To: Xandra2008 (xx.xandrathecutie2008.xx@ooglemail.com)

Subject: Channel Termination

Your channel has been terminated for violating the MeTube Terms of Use, especially the parts that prohibit users under 13 from using the platform. Please do not come back to MeTube until you turn 13. If you attempt to come back before you turn 13, your IP range will be banned from creating accounts permanently.

(C)2020 MeTube Inc.

Xandra: Well, that sucks... Good news is I'm turning 12 this year, and that means I can come back next year, when I turn 13.

MORAL: Don't do stupid things because your friends tell you to. There could be serious consequences. Also, don't tell your friends to do stupid things. These could come back to bite you.