Windows NT Embedded 1995

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Windows NT Embedded 1995 was a version of Windows NT 3.51. that didn't even have a normal Explorer or Program Manager window.


Start of Development (1995)

In early 1995, OS/2 was dominating the embedded PC market...meanwhile the main way to make embedded PCs with Microsoft's software was with DOS and Windows 3.11. Theories started going around that Microsoft would make an embedded OS codenamed "Valdez", and that it would be a 32-bit OS...Build 997 was the first build complied on March 25, 1995...and was heavily based off of Windows NT Server 3.51, Build 1014 was complied on April 3 and was modified to where you can only run it on the "Esperanza Test Kit" here is a complete list of bulids complied between in 1997.

Date Build No. Picture Info
March 25, 1995 3.51.997 No picture available This build largely resembled the MS-DOS prompt of Windows NT, due to the fact that explorer.exe or progman.exe was not included.
April 3, 1995 3.51.1014 Microsoft put a very small, low-end version of explorer.exe in this build to make it easier to test.
April 4, 1995 3.51.1019 This build looks identical to the previous build, and only contains 1 major feature...a banking system (which would lead to a customized ATM app)
April 5, 1995 3.51.1023 Looks identical...but the boot logo was changed to a Windows 9x like screen, and it also reads sometimes that it is Cleveland (cancelled Windows 96) it was mostly a bug fix build, and also the hardest build to find.
April 6, 1995 3.51.1028 For the last 4 builds nothing very major came, but build 1028 contained a extremely major addition that caused the name "Calico" to appear, the file system that this OS used, a bug also made the "Valdez" name display itself as "Calico" but the dev team really liked the name, but moved on for a few days.
April 13, 1995 3.51.1034 On April 8, 1995 Microsoft officially filed a copyright for the "Calico" name...but still no word from the main developers left the testers worried that the project had been scrapped...the home screen looked a lot like the Start Screen from Windows 8, though you could press the space bar and could get to the normal desktop, which looked the exact same. much of the features, including "Media Player" and "Internet Explorer" didn't work, and most of "Control Panel" features didn't work either...and would send you to the blue screen of death.
April 19, 1995 3.51.1039 Much earlier than expected, the OS, known at this point as "Windows NT Embedded 1995", was already into Beta...the IE and Media Player would no longer crash the system.