Windows Calico/Phase 6

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Microsoft wants to release Calico as fastest as possible, and in the middle of Project Reset, Microsoft created a "new" Calico

Build 8990

This build of Calico is mystery, beacuse it's a Calico Server build for BetaTesters. It wasn't leaked in internet.

Build 9012

This is kernel only, so no explorer, no wallpapers, no internet.

Build 9019

This build is leaked in January 2007, it's mystery, beacuse it's started in the middle of project reset. This is Windows XP, but added new styles, added Calico wallpapers, and uses 5.15 (as known as Calico) code.

Build 9201

This build is leaked 1 hour AFTER programning.This build have a 5.15 Kernel, Internet explorer 6.5 and Microsoft Home Pack. This version have a aero, which is from vista, but more blurry.

This version has been an final release, and it is, but 1 month later is reset again...