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The Wiki World is a small continent (compared to other continents) that takes place on the planet Penitus, a world very different from Planet Earth. The Wiki World is huge and contains many wiki areas such as Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, and the UnAnything Wiki. The Wiki World is full of trolls, who don't only attack the UnAnything Wiki but other wikis as well. The Wiki World is protected by its Patrollers, Sysops, and Bureaucrats, although regular users and, in some cases, Guests, can defend the Wiki World as well.

There are five sections of Wiki World, the Major side, Editthis, Miraheze, ShoutWiki, and Fandom. There used to be a sixth, Referata.

The Major side contains wikis such as Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia. Editthis contains the remnants of many battles between Kamafa and Delicious. Miraheze contains the Reception Wikis. ShoutWiki contains an abandoned fork of UnAnything. Fandom (formerly Wikia) is where UnAnything is located.

The sixth side, Referata, was Kamafa's favourite side, although it got hacked by Delicious and has all but shut down.