What if Disney didn't expand in the 2010s?

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If you know much about Disney, then you may know in our reality that it expanded in the late 2000s to 2010s by acquiring Lucasfilm, Marvel, and 21st Century Fox, but just imagine this: what if Disney hadn't expanded like this?

This may be what it could have been.

List of changes

  • Marvel was acquired by TimeWarner instead of Disney in 2009.
    • As a result, Marvel and DC share the same owner.
    • Big Hero 6 is a Warner Animation Group film instead of a Disney film.
    • DC properties are made part of the MCU.
  • Lucasfilm was acquired by Sony instead of Disney in 2012.
    • The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is less "woke" and less controversial, and instead consists of film adaptations of existing Expanded Universe material.
    • The Expanded Universe is never made non-canon.
  • 21st Century Fox was acquired by Comcast instead of Disney in 2017.
    • Fox Corporation is still spun off, as Comcast already owns NBC.
    • Blue Sky and Illumination are both absorbed into DreamWorks Animation in 2019.
  • Disney+ wouldn't exist at all.