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Super Robotnik Land is an epic shame released by Sega and Nintendo for Game Boi.


The shame sends player to the monochrome land filled with wierd creatures. Later player finds that the Land is laying under iron fist of King Harkinian and only Robotnik can save the land. During the shame Robotnik kills some bosses, including Mario. Finally Robotnik defeats the King and everybody is save (except Luigi).

In this shame player controlls Dr. Robotnik, who uses Pingas to PWN Teh n00bs.


Originally the shame was released for Game Boi and had only one world. Later more worlds were included in the new version. The complete shame was ported to everything, including Toasters.

Currently Nintendo is developing the sequel for the Wii U called Super Robotnik World. It will include original monochrome levels as well.


ESRB rated this shame T. PEGI rated the shame 7+ for some reason. In Finland, however, it was rated 11+, leading to the promotion of this shame in Europe, courtesy of 7-11. Squadala Ratings banned the shame from sells in Squadala Empire and Koridai. The next day, SR was bought by Dr. Robotnik and shame was finally released.

ISN rated shame 10/10 and called it "Promotion for all shamers!!!".