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Super Potato Kart is a shame made by Mr. Potato Head and Potato Wedgie to the NintenD'oh 66 just today. It was sold by NintenD'oh for 1,000,000,000,000 Wii Points only TODAY so the fans bashed the crap outta each other to steal one another's points and try to get first to the limited units of the crap.


This game is merely a copy of Super Crash Racing, mixed with Super Mario Kart and Potato Wedgie`s shames. In other means its a xerox of another xerox. Bowser is playable in this game somehow.In this game you choose a potato made kart to bash the other karts (WTCheese?) and lol around!!!! This game has no tracks and it sucked in controls.


  • Potato Wedgie - Mario`s potato bro
  • Bowser - somehow in this game
  • Master Dice - This guy is YOU!! in disguise
  • Jessie and James - they are the ones who R always flying so they get disqualified for cheating!!
  • Peachycakes - the mother of all spammers is here
  • Cheese Lovers - They sparkly-twinkly cheese eaters
  • Cheese Haters - Ham Hooligans
  • Waluigi - some dude who copies my style
  • Wiiremote - how this thing got here? ask the Potato Master.
  • And many other hooligans

Nintendo WFC

Using ur neighbour`s WiFi and making he/she pay internet for yaby threatening turning him/her into a potato, you can battle the world!


It was rated as poor, moronic, and stinky jam by ISN (International Shaming News) with a raw score of -1 out of 10.

It had a "yucky-yuck" rating of 2.5 out of 10 by the ArcadeHobo.


  • A:Press A to go left
  • B: Press B to go left
  • Start:Press start to selfdestruct
  • Right: Press it to go left
  • Left:Press left to MAKE UR BUTT ASPLODE
  • R:Press it to go left
  • L: Press to make your game go BOOM


  • After so much brawl, only Bush and your mom got this game
  • It was released for MSDOS but Weegee made the version disappear from stores.