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The Snorlax is a great example of super fat. He's a level 2.5 on the fat scale.

Super Fat is a superhuman ability that lets someone be amazingly fat. There are three levels of superfatness:

  • Chubby: Slightly fat, not a significant advantage.
  • Super Fat: Very fat, capable of crushing small things and slamming into things like a sumo wrestler.
  • Monster Fat: You may be confused with a giant monster, you can roll around, and destroy everything in your path.

Super fat can be dangerous if not used properly. If you stand on your head while you have super fat, you could cause permanent brain injury.

Most people who are fat are fat level one. They are just overweight, not a significant fat amount. Occasionally, you might meet someone at level two fat, such as Homer Simpson and Patrick Star. Then, very rarely, there will be someone with level three fat, such as Fatman.

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