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Not to be confused with its not stupid counterpart, Smart Snake.
File:Stupid Snake.png
OH NO! IT'S STUPID SNAKE! RUN FOR... ah, forget it. Bite me, snake!

Stupid Snake is a dumb idiotic moron who takes the form of a snake.

It was born to two snakes, obviously. One of them was mommy snake, one was daddy snake (duh). Stupid Snake was raised by them until it moved out, and went to Hollywood. They kicked it out after it attacked multiple people with pure stupidity. It went to Bowser's Castle, Hyrule, Teletubby Land, Sparta and even A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. While there, Darth Mall kidnapped it, and brought it to Freak with the Hood. Freak hated Stupid Snake, and it got kicked out of there too.

Stupid Snake eventually found its way to Stupid City, a city specifically for the stupid. It was warmly welcomed, and it now lives a happy life with the other idiots.