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Squidward's house after Morshu Bomb exploded.
Squidward's house before being claimed by Bowser.

Squidward's House is one of Bowser's secret bases. It used to be home of Squidward until Bowser killed him. Bowser then stored computers, phones, and pizza pies in Squidward's House. Soon it became his most important base, until Bowser found out that the people who lived right next door to his house were friends of Mario. So, Bowser put on a Squidward disguise, which was surprisingly well-made and the facade could not be easily seen past. However, the costume started giving him an itchy [CENSORED], so Bowser took it off and Mario and Luigi found him as he was scratching himself. To cover his tracks, Bowser destroyed Squidward's house and killed Squidward's neighbor.


The house resembles a Tiki Head. According to everyone in Bikini Bottom some people its one of those heads from Easter Island that got stolen by Patrick Seastar Squidward.