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Squadala Man was a 200,000,000 year old guy who rode on a carpet. He was the main villain of Mama Luigi's Mansion, where he was forcing Malleo to make 'Lotsa Spaghetti for Bowser. He was also the Emperor of the Squadala Empire. He lately declared his intentions to defeat the King of Hyrule to rule over West Hyrule. Oh, and also get to eat DINNER. He was also wary of the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire, due to their opposition in the 1st Ducky War. He was also proud to declare that it was HE and not Ducky who first invented Gundams.

He had his own shame, Paper Squadala Man. He was also the owner of several businesses, like Squadala Cable, Squadala Man's Carpet Warehouse, Squadala Labs and Squadala Burger, which ONLY sells hamburgers.

He was frequently impersonated by Gwonam, who tried to steal his power. Gwonam failed, but later, the forces of Weegee succeeded, causing Squadala Man to commit suicide.

In The Legend of Zelda YTP RPG, Squadala Man appeared as the first boss. He later joined Link and the King of Hyrule to defeat Ganon. He stared in the Zelda CD-I show.

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Theme Song

File:YouTube Poop Squadala For 2 Minutes
The Squadala Man national theme song of annoyance.

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