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File:Spaghetti Sword.png
The Spaghetti Sword, complete with sauce and meatballs.

The Spaghetti Sword was one of the Artifacts of Spaghetti featured in the shame World of Dinner. It was forged around 9,000 years ago. During that time, the Spaghetti Sword was stolen from its temple by Lord Thaddeus Rabbit, ancestor of Dr. Rabbit. He decided that toast was more evil than he thought, and decided it should be destroyed by this weapon. Sir Chuck Norris stopped him by creating a planet to use as a cage.

In the shame called Getting back Bowsa's Castle, the Spaghetti Sword was stolen by Robo-Malleo and used to defeat Bowsa(Bowsa isn't dead), whose castle he then took over. Robo-Malleo then captured Morshu, Squadala Man, Zelda, and Impa, and set up an enormous fortress on Squadala Island, where V-class Malleo fighters, heavy duty freighters carrying beer and other cargo, and robotic clones of Sonic, Morshu, Squadala Man, Link,Zelda and Impa can be seen coming in and out. The Sword was placed in an altar in the highest room of Robo-Malleo's stronghold. New Mario, New Luigi, Pit, Kirby, Link, Tay Zonday, Mega Man, Rayman, Bowsa, Bowser and his minions went to stop Robo-Malleo and get the sword back when his army of robot clones took over a large portion of the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. They eventually faced off against Robo-Malleo and managed to destroy him with the power of DINNER. A pretty long time later, Kamafagee found the sword and used it to fight Billy Mays in Kamafa Kombat XXX.

The Sword is also a card in the World of Dinner trading card shame. It boosts the power level of any of the user's cards by 9,000 for the entire time it's in play and allows the user to take a maximum of 3 cards from either the opponent's deck or discard pile, and it will cause the opponent to burst into flames when the user wins. Only one copy of the card exists and it belongs to Bill Cosby as he is the only one other than Mario and Luigi that is capable of using it.