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A map of Hyrule. Notice the distinct lack of a South Hyrule

South Hyrule is a country in Hyrule ruled by Fake Bowser and Fake Robotnik and Somebody. It is unknown if either Fake Bowser or Fake Robotnik is the true leader of South Hyrule.

South Hyrule can not exist in the present. Though, it has existed in the past, and will exist in the future, as long as you are in the present, you can not get to it. That makes the only way to get to it a Time Machine.

South Hyrule is known for its beautiful forests, tropical regions, dangerous deserts, and the fact that is does not exist. That is why nobody has built an Evil Castle there.

South Hyrule's flag


South Hyrule was founded exactly one thousand years ago, to the millisecond. It will always be "one thousand years ago". It was created when Hyrule was ruled by one of King Harkinian's ancestors.

This king told everyone about how he had made South Hyrule. Everyone went to go look for it, but they couldn't find it, because at the time, they were in the present. They killed the King for lying, but the legend of South Hyrule lived on.

It was taken by Fake Robotnik and Fake Bowser during the Hyrulian Civil War, and they pretended they were the ones who made it.

Fake Bowser and Fake Robotnik made it part of West Hyrule during World War IV.

Notable Residents