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File:Sonic the Hedgehog Beats People Up.png
The cover of this AWESOME shame

Sonic the Hedgehog Beats People Up is a shame starring Sonic. It is a spin off of the original series, so that means it is not popular. The idea was that people would like it because it was about senseless violence, but this idea was stupid. People only like senseless violence if it involves killing or blood and gore.


After Dr. Robotnik is shot by Knuckles, Robotnik Sr. tries to get revenge by enslaving people, and sending them at Sonic and Tails, thinking they shot him. Sonic goes through City, and has to beat up anyone he sees. There's a boss fight every five minutes. You have to beat 100 bosses. After that, the 101st boss, Robotnik Sr. comes, and tries to shoot you. After that, Sonic tells him that Knuckles killed Dr. Robotnik, so then Robotnik Sr. goes after him. Tails then says: "IT'S SEQUEL TIME!".


This game was considered to be a lame attempt to sell another shame... and it was. They made a profit of about... -10$. Despite the failure of this shame, they made a sequel: Knuckles Beats People Up.


  • Dr. Robotnik is not dead. GOTCHA!