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I sure hope you're not looking for the series in general!
File:Original cover.png
The original cover, seconds before Sonic destroyed it.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a Shame about Sonic.


The game starts when Dr. Robotnik comes up in his UFO, and kidnaps a bunch of guys Sonic doesn't know. Sonic runs after him, but Robotnik is too fast. So, Sonic has to beat a bunch of "zones" to get to Robotnik. Each stage is filled with some of Sonic's new friends turned into robots. He tries to kill them, but he just releases them, so he gets sad. Then, he gets mad. So he attacks Robotnik, and defeats him. Robotnik says "I'LL GET YOU SONIC!", and he falls off a cliff. But then his UFO picks him up, and he flies off into space. Then the words "THE END" appear. Then the words "REALLY, GET OUT OF HERE" appear. Then the shame shuts off.

Cover controversy

When Sega Productions first put Sonic 1 on shelves, the covers had a different logo. Sonic hated it, because he said that he didn't look cool enough. The cover was reworked with a different logo, and Sonic got green eyes.

File:New cover.png
Sonic's version of the cover


Despite the fact that you have to play this game twenty four hours straight to win the game, it was very popular. Everyone demanded a sequel, so one was made. Then everyone got bored with this game. It's rating dropped from 10+, to a big fat 0 in five minutes.