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Sonic Vs. Mario is a lame sh

File:Download (12).jpg
What the shame probably looked like.

ame about Sonic and Mario. It involves them and their supporting characters fighting.


In this shame, Mario and Sonic have an epic battle, and all of the supporting characters pitch in too. It is like any stupid fighting game, except some of your (least) favorite characters are in it.


Mario's Team

  • Mario is the funny plumber guy who started the fight by calling Sonic stupid. He can use Fire Flowers to become epic.
  • Luigi is Mario's brother and sidekick. He is the same as Mario, except green.
  • Peach is a fruit that Mario always helps. She can fly for some weird reason.
  • Bowser is Mario's enemy. He's only helping to show he is better than the Robotniks.
  • Toad is a mushroom that can talk. He attacks people by screaming like an idiot, and then jumping on top of them.
  • Daisy is a princess. She is a character.

Sonic's Team

  • Sonic is a blue hedgehog who can run really fast.
  • Tails is an annoying two tailed fox.
  • Knuckles is some thing that is red. He has sharp knuckles, and is awesome because of that.
  • Dr. Robotnik is Sonic's enemy that can not breath fireballs.
  • Dr. Eggman is an evil jerk who doesn't like Mario.
  • Momma Robotnik is Dr. Robotnik's mother. She is a grouch.