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Sodoma after the destruction.

Sodoma was the infamous city that Squidward Tentacles grew up in. The city was infamous for it's debauchery and crime commited there throughout it's 127 years of life (947 - 1067). The city always had a black sky above it with blood colored, bleak sunshine glowing through only.

Famous Landmarks

The Radiation Fountain - A fountain with the statue of Walleo pissing out nuclear radiation.

Cinema of Doom - Whoever enters the cinema is killed by a light flash.

Gig Land - A stage where only the Teenagers of Sodom play their inhumane orchestra.

Happy Hospital - A hospital where every victim is killed.

Gunshop - A shop where ancient-futuristic weapons of mass destruction are sold.

Former Residents


On June 6th, 1067, Weegee arrived at the land.

He claimed the land for his. A man named Lot stepped up and told him to screw off, but Weegee calmly hypnotised him. He hypnotised everyone else except a few escapees (this including Squidward and his father - his mother wasn't so lucky) into destroying the city. Days later, the city fell to the ground. It's ruins still lie among the desert where it was destroyed. In 1167, a time-traveling Kamafagee made the ruins into the first KMF Land.