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File:Saki vs Nodoka.jpg
A typical day at the office for Saki.

Saki Miyanaga (Born July 21st, 1978, age 33) is an infamous terrorist, bass player, video shame designer and anarchist. She was born into the House of the Rising Sun by George W. Bush and his wife, Osama Bin Laden. She currently lives in Afghanistan with her wife and servant, Haramura Nodoka (who is the pink haired girl in the picture.)

Early Life

Saki was born in the House of the Rising Sun in 1978 in wedlock by her mother, Osama Bin Laden. For 16 years she and her father, George W. Bush, catered her in the House of the Rising Sun, and Afghanistan.

When Osama Bin Laden was killed in a fight with Barack Obama, Bush went into a great depression. Eventually, he commited suicide, and Saki was left with nowhere to go.

However, inspired my her mother and father's deeds, Saki decided to join a terrorist organization and get revenge on America for killing her mother and leading to the death of her father.

Al Qaeda Submission

Saki then went on and attempted to join Al Qaeda. At first, Osama Bin Laden refused as she was too young, but allowed her in when Saki hired Chuck Norris to hold him at gun point.

Originally, Saki was the lowest ranked rookie, but moved to rank 7 in just 5 days. She managed to accidentally kill Ebo Obe, which moved her to rank 6.

Saki was in the group for 10 years. She had a ton of fun bombing places for no reason. However, her luck was shattered when Osama was forced to kick her out of the group due to a raid from Americans. Damn Americans!

Later Life

Saki was forced to walk the Earth with no money in her pocket for the next 2 years. Eventually, she stumbled upon a supposedly abandoned slaughterhouse, but when she walked in hoping to get chopped up she saw a band playing.

Saki had learned how to play bass within her time away from Al Qaeda, and she was quickly recruited into the band, named Boris.

File:Saki Boris.jpg
Saki playing for Boris.

For the next two years, Saki played with Boris and they produced two studio albums. However, Saki realised bass playing was not her true goal and bid the band a tearful farewell.


Saki has since converted back to terrorism, with her own terrorist group Al Adeaq La. She is married and lives in a complex with her wife and servant, Haramura Nodoka.


  • She is Ronald McDonald's 1,123,114,892,989,182,912th cousin.