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File:Saimoe's EVIL.jpg
A battle roster for Saimoe. If you look closely, you can see Kaori Senoo. Yup, even she fell into it's evil hands.

Saimoe was an evil organization dedicated to making cute characters from Shames and Anime (mainly female) and making them fight like puppets. Some people consider it the counterpart of the Brawl of the Consoles. It is met with controversy because of forcing people to fight.

Anime and Shame characters which have fell victim to it's clutches


Tomoki Sawamura (after being resurrected)


Saki Miyanaga

Kaori Senoo

Nakano Azusa

Koromo Ryuumonbuchi

Toka Ryuumonbuchi

Todd Casil (possibly the only male character known)

Among many other individuals.

Johnny C.'s raid

In an attempt to rescue his friend Todd Casil from it's evil clutches, SheeBookie Johnny C., disguised as Nakano Azusa, snuck into the Saimoe headquarters with a following of pirates disguised as various other characters from K-On!. When Johnny managed to sneak into the main Saimoe compound, he scattered his fellow disguised pirates around other Saimoe compounds on the island, and Johnny fired a bazooka into the air and destroyed the clock bell, which signaled the plan to be put into action. Said plan involved Johnny triggering the Buster Call on the island using the giant Den-Den Mushi, which triggered a fleet of marine ships to completely destroy the island. While the raid took place, Johnny's disguised pirates freed all the prisoners, including Todd Casil. During the mad dash to haul ass out of the burning island, only 203 out of 533 of the prisoners and pirates survived. Fortunately, Johnny C. and Todd Casil were among the survivors, and that was the day Saimoe fell. Unfortunately, however, Johnny's career took a turn for the worse a few months later because he triggered the Buster Call, and was dethroned from his position as SheeBookie and now works at McDonalds.