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Template:Quote Rope is one of three Morshu's Trademark stuffs. He sells it in Morshu's Shop as well, as Lamp Oil and Bombs.

Rope was invented earlier than Lamp Oil and Bombs. Morshu made his first rope to capture an evil rabbit during hunt. The Rabbit escaped, but Morshu captured 2 bears, 6 wolfes, 3 foxes, 2 Cats and over nine thousand racoons that time.

Later Morshu used Rope and Lamp Oil to make Bombs.

Ushrom sells Rope in Gamelon illigally.


  • Many people use rope to strangle people. It's very fun, but DON'T TRY IT AT HOME! Or anywhere else. GOT IT?!
  • Some people use rope for normal reasons. They are called Boring People. Please use rope for INTERESTING things.
  • It is possible to turn rope into a lasso. That's where the rope is a loop at the end, and you can wrap stuff inside the loop. Lassos are fun when trying to catch people!
  • Tying people up is another use for ropes. If someone makes you mad, get a rope. Tie them up, then... do something.

Well, that's about all rope's good for. Template:Dinner Template:Spongebob