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So Gezol-san was right after all...

"Fuhrers create black nights, black nights create dorkness, dorkness raises a full black sun, black sun raises Rip Torn, Torn creates the storms, storms create a grand silence, silence raises an old man's shadow, shadow raises eternal food!"

- Gezol's poem, dedicated to Rip Torn.

Rip Torn (1477 - 1557) was Toka Ryuumonbuchi's Vice-Fuhrer of Germany. He was half man half pig, and could change his appearance between a human and a pig at will because of his devil fruit, the Pig Pig No Mi. He died April 1st, 1557 partially due to old age and partially due to an extreme April Fools joke.


Like all good villains, he sat around and slacked off with Toka while all the minions did the work. Toka probably would've killed him but spared him because she liked Vice-Fuhrers. He didn't do much else. Oh yeah, and he was a priest for 2 seconds.


Torn was described as the more civilized half of the Ryuumonbuchi Fuhrer pair. As opposed to Toka, who was quick to act and ruthless, Torn stayed calm at all times and planned out things before Toka could get involved in them. However, this particular tactic failed at times, as seen when Toka caused two wars and brought almost all of Europe to it's knees for a short amount of time.