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Revenge of Hollywood is a shame for ages 99-100. It is about Hollywood getting revenge. It is about the place, not the guy. That is what this is for.

The shame is about people from Hollywood getting their town closed due to Hollyshame becoming more popular. They do not stand for this, and get revenge. The player must lead angry mobs into three different levels: Hollywood, McDonald's, and Hollyshame. During the Hollywood level, the main character, Hollywood Freak, gathers his gigantic mob. In the McDonald's level, they stop to eat. In the Hollyshame level, they overtake Hollyshame, and they agree to let Hollywood keep going.

This shame was considered to be extremely fun, because who doesn't like angry mobs? Biased Ratings gave it a -1861 out of 5. That's only because there was no Pie or Pi in this shame. Hollywood liked it, because he thought it was named after him. Squidward Tentacles didn't care.