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Reggie spotted a n00b in the crowd.


Reggie Fils-Aime is the powerful cyborg created by Shigeru Miyamoto in order to destroy n00bs. His body is always ready. (Get da hint?)


Once upon a time Shigeru Miyamoto was playing The Terminator on his Sega CD (don't ask). He almost completed the shame on the hardest difficulty when a bunch of n00bs started to throw Zelda II cartridges in his house. This made Shigeru mad and he created a powerfull cyborg to crush n00bs.

When Reggie first appeared in the shame shop 126 n00bs were destroyed. 2 n00bs suddenly became hardcore shamers and created "Super Reggie Boy".


  • Falcon Punch n00bs
  • Roundhouse kick n00bs
  • Sonic boom n00bs
  • Toast n00bs
  • Cook DINNER
  • Reggie Stare at n00bs
  • Nom n00bs
  • Create shames


He works with Dr.Rabbit and is actually the world's first robot pedophile just like Dr.Rabbit who is the world's first rabbit pedophile. he actually takes advantage of Saturo Iwata and tells Iwata to be pedophile also. He always hyperventilates whenever he sees a n00b child and decides that will be his new target.

Relations with Giygas

Some people think that Reggie is in fact a human body for Giygas. They say that Giygas can use Reggie to destroy Ness or at least to not let him to get to UnAmerica. There's also a monster called Regigigas who has to know something about Giygas and Reggie. Currently Gaston tries to catch him.