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File:Rabbid plunger.gif
The infamous and awesome Rabbid army.
File:Bunny Rage.gif
Specimens of Rabidus curpeaums killing a guy.

Rabbids Rabidus curpaeums are freakish bunnies that are known for yelling out "DAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" They are also for some reason Rayman's enemies, and are known to fight in combat with their epic weapons.

Rabbids are considered very awesome creatures, and can't easily be kicked to get rid of them. A small bomb can't also take care of them. That's why we like them! Rabbids are known to inhabit almost everything in existant including Hell, Heaven, New York City, Nightmare Dimension, sewers, outer space, your bathroom, McDonald's bathroom and of course this wiki.

They communicate through forms of the word "bwaaah," but that doesn't also stop them from know what. Rabbids also have their own shame called the Bunnies Creed, and a TV show called Rabbids Invasion.

One Rabbid was stolen from a pet shop by Louie, and is still being forced to eat human remains daily.

Rabbids speak Rabbidish as their official language.

The rabbid's very own shame Bunnies Creed.

A typical Rabbid's diet

  • Too many to list. Lol!
  • Too many to list. Lol!
  • Too many to list. Lol!
  • Too many to list. Lol!
  • Too many to list. Lol!