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Punch Your Brains Out!! is the original version of New Luigi's Punch Your Brains Out!! but with major differences. It was released on many systems, I couldn't care less to list if that meant sense. The game was a minor hit in it's release and is known by it's more awesome remake New Luigi's Punch Your Brains Out!!


All you do is beat the living crap out of your opponents in a boxing ring. You and your opponent also have energy bars which can easily drain. If you drain all of your opponent's energy, he'll get knocked down and will have ten seconds to get up. If you knock him down three times you win the match. There are 3 rounds in every match and each round is 3 minutes. Oh, and did I mention that all the fighters use some sort of weapon or secret move that can take you down in one hit while all you have is a power boost that can only drain a moderate amount of your opponent's energy?

Oh and you only have five seconds to get up and can lose the match if your taken down 2 times. That's nice.


Here are the list of characters

Playable Characters

Burger Circuit:

Joe Circuit

Stereotype Circuit

Random Circuit

Weegee Circuit

Classic Circuit

Final Circuit


  1. There is a feature that can allow the opponent to throw the referee at you.
  2. There was going to be a certain amount of blood in the game, most of it would appear when you hit your opponent in the mouth. However it was soon removed from the game and now many fans wonder why. It could be because the game was intended for kids but I digress.
  3. Unlockable characters include You, Mario, Pitt, Mr. Hand, Tim, Timm, Timmy, Bob, Bobby, Bowser, Waluigi, Wario, Timothy, Optimus Prime, and Goemon.
  4. This is the second hardest game of all time.