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The Pre Unworld Arc is the first story arc in UnAnything - The Series. It lasts for 22 episodes and explains how the UnWorld was created.


Episodes 1 - 2:

The series begins in Heaven with God playing mahjong with his son, Jesus. They are both playing the game to debate whether God should create a second universe or not - Jesus says no, while God says yes, and whoever wins will decide if the Unverse should be created. God ends up winning, and creates the Unverse.

Episodes 3 - 12:

Chuck Norris appears as the first being. He creates the stars, which creates Giygas. After Giygas meets Chuck Norris, planets appear, and Maxwell appears from the dark matter.

Episodes 13 - 22:

UnWorld appears as a land planet and Chuck Norris inhabits it, as well as Maxwell. God is then seen, who decides to create life in Unverse which leads into the second arc.