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File:Powers of Weakness.png
The Powers of Weakness, as drawn by famous artist Harry Potter


The Powers of Weakness are god-like beings that are in charge of all things weak. They are like gods, except weak.



The Powers of Weak are known for their weird creation. It started when Rodent met Insect. Rodent noticed though both of them were weak, he was slightly stronger. Rodent challenged Insect to a duel, and he accepted. They drew swords, only to find Weakling King (then known as Bob) had turned their swords into Pies. The pies blew up, but they were too weak. They declared Bob the WEAKLING KING! Eventually they got more members.

Attack of the Monkey Creatures

After the Powers of Weakness were assembled, they protected over all things weak. But, there were creatures that did not like this. The monkey creatures wanted all of the power for themselves. They did the "OO! OO! AH! AH!" until they made it to the Powers of Weakness. But, the monkey creatures were also weak, so their attack (poop flinging) failed. The Powers of Weakness enslaved the monkey creatures as punishment.


Eventually, a powerful guy shot them with a giant hamburger. Their base was destroyed, so they cried instead of taking ACTION.

Rebuilding the Team

After 10 years of crying, the Weakling King declared they would rebuilt. So they did.


Weak Things Under Their Control