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perhaps you meant P.I.N.G.A.S.?

Pingas is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction invented by Dr. Robotnik.

This weapon is declared as the one of the most dangerous weapons in the world, right under The KICK of Chuck Norris, Weegee's Stare and Giygas' Attack, which you cannot grasp the true form of.

Nobody knows what the Pingas looks like. Unfortunately, every blueprint was destroyed by Robotnik in 1995, because Robotnik was hungry. Nobody took pictures of it, but Nobody knows where the pictures are.

The location of Pingas is also unknown. Most of guys think that it's hidden away in Robotnik's lair, or in his back pocket.

Pingas was used against some guys, all of them DIEd. Only Fake Robotnik and RobotnikClause have survived a Pingas Attack. Later RobotnikClause created Piness, an improved second version of Pingas. Then Fake Robotnik created Peendish, a green leek-like Pingas. Later on, Dr. Eggman created PÆNOUSE, a dolphin-shaped water gun filled with highly flammable rubber cement.

File:Photo 2013-03-09 08.50.01 PM.jpg
Pingas Street, some scientists think that the name of this street was the inspiration for the name Pingas

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