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This may just be normal pie, but it works well as a shield.

The Pie Shield is one of the Artifacts of Pie. It is featured in Super Link Galaxy along with the Spaghetti Sword, when Marx stole them from King Authur's Castle. It was forged 9000 years ago when the Japanese found that Pie was the best shield at that time. The Japanese forged 2 of them, one of them was put with the Spaghetti Sword in Ancient Greece

5000 years ago, when the Chinese invaded Japan, they stole the other Pie Shield and brought it with them. But Link was hiding inside the Forbidden City, and Link stole the Pie Shield and modified it into his own shield he still uses now.

In the shame called Getting Back Bowsa's Castle, the Pie Shield was stolen by Robo-Malleo and was used to defeat Bowsa. He captured Zelda, Guiyii, and Cyber-Dee, and set up a fortress on Squadala Island with V-class Malleo fighters, Death Stars, and robotic clones of Bob Saget, Marx, X-616, Paris Hilton, and Your Mom can be seen coming in and out.

The Shield, along with the Spaghetti Sword, was placed in a alter in the highest room of Robo-Malleo's stronghold. Kirby, Link, Chuck Norris, Pit, Sonic, Michael Jackson, Ted Roosevelt, Mega Man, Bowsa, Bowser and his minions went to stop Robo-Malleo from using the items to invade the world, when the robotic clones of Paris Hiltion invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and Kirby's Dream Land and was about to invade Hell. They eventually faced Robo-Malleo and managed to defeat him with the power of Dinner, and was returned to it's rightful place.

The Shield is also a card in the World of Dinner trading card game. It boosts the power level of any of the user's cards by 9,000 for the entire time it's in play, allows the user to take a maximum of 11 cards from either the opponent's deck or discard pile, increases the user defense and special abilities OVER 9,000, and it will cause the opponent to burst into flames when the user wins. Only one copy of the card exists and it belongs to Bill Cosby as he is the only one other than Link, Kirby, and Sonic that is capable of using it. Despite this, Walleo was saved by it in The Fakegee War.