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Not to be confused with Pi

Hey look! Pie!




Pie is a deadly desert created by filling of Real Pie with explosives, poison, or deadly chemicals. Hence, these are the only flavours it comes in. One bite will kill most people, but evil people (and obviously Chuck Norris) are immune to it, and even like the taste of it, so only evil people, Chuck Norris, suicidal people, Do a Barrel roll, Likes Shoop da Whoop and stupid people eat pie.

Pie can Blow Stuff Up with its bomb power.



It is usually confused with the ultralong number pi.

Those who are confused by this oddity known as pi should become math guys and learn more about numbers, and then become food guys to learn more about cooking. This is because pi is about cooking, and pie is about math, right?

Oh wait, other way round. Pi is round and Pie is round. So what's the difference?