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Template:Character Infobox Pac-Man is a Pac-Person that loves pickle juice. He started his career in shames with Namco's shame titled after him. He was rumored to have fathered Ms. Pac-Man's child, Pac-Man Jr., but he has denied this claim.[1]

Early Life

Pac-Man started as a much smaller Pac-child, eating too many candy dots and getting morbidly obese. No one knows how he lost the weight for Namco's shame, but he did, and gained it back afterward.


When Pac-Man got bored, he completely obliterated Australia, and made Pac-Land in its place. This makes him King Pac-Man, but people still call him Pac-Man because he says so.

Later years

Somehow, Pac-Man got lost in a blue neon colored maze while going on a trip to the store for more lead paint. When he entered the store, it turned out to be a giant maze! There, he encountered four wandering ghosts and they have been chasing him ever since.

He faked his death during The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, but later came back.

Notable Shames



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  1. Where's Maury when ya need him?