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He is NOT Voldemort!


Not Voldemort (previously called Tom Marveno Ridle) is man who is not related to Voldemort in any way. He is actually a successful painter of the dark arts and a minor villain in the Super Mario Show.


Before Birth

Not Voldemort's mother was a Witch. She was very weak, but was smart and good at art, and loved to curse people. She even cursed her own family once so that they had Pies for heads. She eventually met an amazingly handsome loser-not-magic-jerk called Tom Ridle. She shot him with a curse so powerful, he fell in love with her magic. They had one son, who the named Tom after the dad, and Marvono, after the mother's father. Then She died from over cursing.


With his mother dead, Tom was stuck living with his father's idiotic family on the Ridle Egg Farm. He hated it there, as like his mother, he was smart and good at art. Eventually, some man (Aberback) invited him to Paintwarts. He quickly began taking classes there. While there, he discovered by re-arranging the letters of "Tom Marvono Ridle" you could get "I am Not Voldemort". From that point, all his friends called him Not Voldemort.

After Paintwarts

Not Voldemort graduated Paintwarts, and moved on to do more. He was most skilled at the "Dark Arts", which is where you make paintings with dark colors. Eventually, he became evil. He started doing bad things. He got a part-time job with Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, AND Adolf Hitler. He even started painting his crimes. That's why they always figured out it was him.

Harry Potter

Eventually, Not Voldemort discovered Harry Potter. Hearing that this boy would become an artist equal to him, he tried to kill him and his family. He failed. Not Voldemort died.

Magical Powers 'n' Stuff

Not Voldemort is most famous for being a magical painter. He initially started out as one of those guys who set up on the curb and tried to sell paintings to no avail. But then he went to Paintwarts, and he became really skilled. He became so skilled, he could create magical paintings. He decided to make these paintings evil just because he could. With this power he could probably take over the world, but he would rather chase after some stupid little brat named Harry Potter.