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NintendD'oh is a video shame corporation owned by Homer Simpson (It is different from Nintendo, obviously). It is known for its awful shames and bad corporate executiveship. Simpson, former nuclear power plant extraordinare, decided that this company could make loads of money, but he was wrong. The corporation's kiddie division is run by Lisa Simpson, and the adult sector is run by Bart and Maggie Simpson. One of NintenD'oh's critics is Marge Simpson, who states the company "Is an excuse for my husband and kids to get out of work and school!"[1]


NintenD'oh was started back in 1492 by the afforementioned Homer Simpson. The company was named after his trademark grunt "D'oh", which he often uses in distress.[2]

1999998 BC-1491

Homer Simpson secretly started NintenD'oh. Since it was secret, Nobody bought shames from the company.


Homer brought the company from Springfield all the way to where Christopher Columbus was working on killing natives. Simpson, with the help of little Bart, created its present office on Florida Key. Soon after this, they released their very first shaming system, the NintenD'oh Entertainment System. The first shame released for it was Super D'oh Bros., featuring Homer saving Janet Jackson from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.[3]


By 1620, many shames were released. When it hit 1800, after George Washington died, the Super NintenD'oh Entertainment System was obsolete and the NintenD'oh 66 was released. 1850 marked its celebration and they got fat.


The Simpson family took a 140-year vacation from all their hard work. After that they released the NintenD'oh Shamesphere. They released many crappy shames, including Wario Party, a blatant rip-off of Nintendo's Mario Party. By 2010, NintenD'oh was a best-selling company, leaving Shitendo (Nintendo) in the dust.

Until 2011, when Bart had an accident involving a freezer, a giant pack of ice cubes, and his hand. Homer blamed Elsa and sued her.

Homer lost the lawsuit. His company went bankrupt and was acquired by Nintendo.


Nintendo said that NintenD'oh is way too good and way better than they are. They tried to sue NintenD'oh for plagiarism, but they failed.


  • NintenD'oh is NOT similar to Nintendo in any way
  • Sega actually likes NintenD'oh

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  1. This statement has not been proven.
  2. And if he had too many beers.
  3. It is known for its similarity to another game.