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Ness and his yo-yo

Ness is a young boy with weird psychic powers. His neighbor is Porky Minch. He got psychic because he ate some Green Cheese. He was friends with Poo, until he turned evil. Ness starred in his own game, Pikachu Eats Your Cheese, where he and the Ice Climbers teamed up to get back their cheese. Along the way, the Ice Climbers died and Poo replaced them as a good guy again. In the end, Ness had to save the Moon from all of it's green cheese being taken away by Pikachu. He succeeded and was rewarded with a barfed up piece of cheese and all of the green cheese on the moon. Ness loved his yo-yo until it turned evil and killed him subtracting 9000 From his 9001 lives. (he lost his last life while he was eating steak.)

Ness was able to use some of those powers to do things such as:

  • Lift things with his mind
  • Lift things with his arms
  • Trick people into thinking things
  • Making people do things
  • Saying hi to everyone
  • Destroying worlds
  • Many other not as awesome things