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File:Tumblr ku19y9om4C1qzqywno1 500.jpg
Napoleon Bonaparte riding his new motorcycle.

Napoleon Bonaparte is a French guy who leads the Foreign Legion. He is notable for possessing the only copy of the Revival Machine in the whole entire world. This makes him one of the three non god-tier people in the whole world to have the power to revive someone (but only three times-after the fourth death, he or she is gone forever). The other two are Shigeru Miyamoto, and Nobody.

Because of this, many people come to his house to bother him about reviving someone or something but he never takes requests and only revives the one he wants revived. Napoleon, after the cancelling of the Foreign Legion, started his barber shop. Since he was a "no trash at all" guy, he picked up every scrap of hair that fell on the floor and put it all in a box. He sometimes still leads the Foreign Legion on missions.

By the way, he is also the son of Mr and Mrs. Mellgren and he was born just so she (Mrs. Meligren) could have someone rule France because she was too lazy.