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The least dangerous creature in the world.


The Monkey Creatures are evil monkey-like monsters that terrorize people. They do it because they smell like monkeys.


The monkeys were created at some point in history. Nobody know when, or how. Probably because the smart people are too busy eating cakes. (That's right Albert Einstein! We see you!) Anyways, nobody knows, and if they do, THEY DIE.


Everyone smells something different when smelling the monkeys. For example, Bowser smells old gym sock combined with dead rats. Mario on the other hand smells a combination of rotten eggs and Bowser's breath.


Monkey creatures present a great danger to everyone. They are very weak, but something else presents a big problem. They can control fire. Weird huh? But yeah, they can make fire burn things down. But they are so weak, just looking at the fire they control can kill them.