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She points a finger at Robotnik's Face

Momma Robotnik is mother of infamous scientist Dr. Robotnik and crazy holiday fanatic RobotnikClause. She is the wife of Robotnik Sr. and she is currently the only person Dr. Robotnik is scared of (and that is quite a feat). Momma Robotnik currently in exile in Soviet Russia.

Momma Robotnik was born in Canada, but traveled back and forth between Canada and Russia. There was even a point where she changed country every single day. This stopped after the Alaskans got tired of this, and banned her from Alaska. Now, she has to go around. She can not swim, so she now lives permanently in Soviet Russia.

As the mother of Dr. Robotnik, she is mother of the most infamous mad scientist in the entire world. She is also the mother of some random ham, but more on that later. Momma Robotnik is also very fat, so whenever she walks, she makes the ground shake.

When Dr. Robotnik and RobotnikClause were born, Momma Robotnik became an infamous villain. She robbed many banks and was send to prison for ten years. She got out nine years later, because the guards weren't very good at math. She went back into Russia, which was Soviet Russia by now, because Dr. Robotnik had taken over. She told Dr. Robotnik to go to his room, and being the idiot evil-genius he is, he followed orders.

Three years later, Dr. Robotnik tricked Momma Robotnik into passing the Law of Time Outs, which allowed Dr. Robotnik to get out of his room three years after being sent. After this, he walked up to Momma Robotnik, and kicked her off of the throne. He then sat down, and ordered the guards (who are only loyal to their money, not Momma Robotnik) to take her out of his sight.

Momma Robotnik went back to a life of crime, and was eventually kidnapped by Mahziis for no particular reason. She was then sent to The German Prison. About four years later, she went completely insane, and was released from The German Prison. Dr. Robotnik, feeling sorry for what he did (or, that's his cover story), took her into his mansion in Soviet Russia. He then took her money, and kicked her out. She is now in exile.

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