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Most Guy's robotic version looks like a Visor Robot.

Microsoft Sam is the legend of Windows 2000 and Windows XP and king along with Microsoft Anna. Nobody has ever seen him in person, but just about everyone has heard his annoying voice. He is rumoured to be a distant relative of Internet The Explorer. When he awoke he found Mario cookies all the rage and heard there were plans to make a video game of him which was to be made by a small branch of Cheese shops called Nintendo. He got a job there and participated in several commercials. With the help of Ronald McDonald he rose to become the president of Nintendo but he was soon fired when he gave the staff toast but failed to recognize it as Waluigi's.

He was banished to Subway Space for all enernity and had to survive on eating cheap sandwhiches made with special sauce. He became mutated and swore vengance on Nintendo and vowed to destroy planet Japan. At some point during his time in Subway Space he created the Waddle-Dee's. When he finally returned he joined Microsoft and became Bill Gates's butler and text to speech for his computers. He has a somewhat large part in the development for the IX-Box and the Ix-Box 7,584,269.3 and will someday overthrow Bill Gates and rule the video game industry. "haah haah haah" was all Microsoft Sam had to say in his usual bored tone according to Wario over the phone when he asked him about this. But he found out that Bill Gates was already killed by Deidara, so he has learnt Katsu and plans to kill Deidara. It is also rumored that he is Master Chief but that rumor is probably wrong. He onced asked for a job in the Squadala Empire army but they refused... He also voices a action figure named Master Chief, who in his action figure form, talks like a swearing 8-year old, for a popular Machinima spoofing a shame known as Halo 3, called Arby 'n The Chief. He was also in Microsoft's army of evil. Not only that, but he is also the voice of Drew Pickles. When Windows XP lost support in 2001, Microsoft Sam went to Speakonia. Currently, he is fighting for Madison's army after the downfall of Speakonia, and teamed up with Alt 2.0 to create the Windows Phone ME OS for the Tubby Phone.