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Template:Character Infobox Mega Man (born Rock M. Light) was once a normal robot, but is now a SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT. He is the hero in some location somewhere, and it is likely he is actually an evil spy for some conspiracy, but this has not been confirmed.


Mega Man was created in Japan, and raised to make Nachos. When he was seven, he moved to Mars. On Mars, he met the Meta Knight, the greatest Martian warrior ever. He befriended the Meta Knight, to the point where Meta Knight confided all of his suspicions about Mars in Mega.

Mega moved back to Earth when he was eighteen years old, and requested permission from the United Nations to create a planetary defense unit. The UN passed him off as a lunatic, and threw him aside.

One man agreed with him though. Dr. Light thought planetary defense was essential. He had Mega come in, and be upgraded with cybernetic devices. Unfortunately, during the installation, Dr. Light somehow made Mega think Dr. Wily was evil. Not caring, he finished upgrading Mega Man.

Mega Man then decided he hated Dr. Wily and ran after him. He beat up Dr. Wily enough times to kill him, but was kind enough to give him a ride to the hospital (then the prison) after every fight.

File:2008 01 12 megawhat.jpg
The sexiest image of Mega Man ever.


  • Mega Man is currently running around in Japan, trying to ride on birds.
  • Mega Man can shoot electricity out of his eyes, but he'll go blind if he actually does it.
  • Mega Man was once sued by Superman, but Phoenix Wright negotiated a compromise.
  • Mega Man is hungry. Maybe you should get him some Pickles.
  • He can... JUMP N, SHOOT!