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Master Hand himself.

Master Hand is a freakishly large magician glove that can perform many attacks on his opponents. He has appeared in Super Smash Bros. shames as a boss, and has since become popular for it. He hates Mario and Luigi alot for defeating him, and always vows revenge to destroy him. He was recently enemies with Tabuu, a blue Matrix-like freak who wants to take over the world. Master Hand once met Master Chief at a Halo convention.


He is a boss of Super Smash Bros., and likes his job very well (except when he gets defeated). When he's not fighting, he works at a shop known as Wizards and Warlocks Stuff, a shop where they sell one of the most magical stuff in the galaxy. He was once hired to take down a monster somewhere, and owned it very hard. There are rumors that Master Hand is really Super Smash Bros. Narrator.

Personal Life

He was born to UGLY HAND, and LAZY HAND

Master Hand lives in the Final Dimension, where he performs magic tricks and has a few workers who watch his house. He has a insane brother called Crazy Hand.