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Marreoh is a fat fakegee. He is the brother of Guiyii and is a good friend of Malleo, though Malleo has constantly hassled him. He is very fat and always hungry. He is the rival of Warreoh.


After Weegee was created, the black ooze that gave him life disappeared into the catacombs of the Mushroom Kingdom. There, it chanced upon the remains of Dry Mario, covering him completely and creating a new version of him. This new version of him looked the way Dry Mario would if he were a living person and not a skeleton, giving rise to the theory that Dry Mario was once a living human who became undead at some point in time.

After being created in this manner, Marreoh decided to seek out the other fakeegees, who were also hiding in the catacombs. He chanced upon his long-lost brother, Guyii, but was immediately traumatized by being attacked by Waweegee. He was found by Malleo in this traumatized state, and Malleo took him under his wing.

In the custody of Malleo, Marreoh was frequently abused and bullied. This was not helped by the fact that Marreoh was extremely fat and loved to eat anything that came his way. He ate stuff, animals, and even guys. Another fakeegee named Warreoh witnessed this and became jealous, deciding to eat lots of people and things as well. Marreoh and Warreoh became instant rivals, but this rivalry was short-lived because Warreoh was shortly assassinated by 3.

Involvement in the Fakeegee War

After all the fakeegees started fighting for dominance, Marreoh was attacked by Marigi in the Mushroom Kingdom catacombs. Instead of killing Marreoh, however, Marigi challenged him to a "who eats the most stuff" contest. Since Marreoh was both fat and a huge fan of eating in general, he accepted Marigi's challenge. The two of them devoured many things, including spaghetti, a toaster, and even some brown gum, until Marreoh found a loophole in the contest and ate Marigi himself, ending the contest and declaring himself the winner.

However, one other fakeegees named Meegalleo had gone on a rampage and killed nearly all the fakeegees, with the exception of those who were missing in action. He found Marreoh in the catacombs and attacked him, pummelling him so much that Marreoh could not lift a finger to defend himself, especially since he had eaten a plethora of objects a minute before. Just then, Weegee and Malleo appeared out of nowhere and vaporized Meegalleo, thus becoming the two winners, as they were unable to kill each other.