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File:Mario's Pizza.png
The logo from 1995-2009.
The second deadly establishment looks much nicer than the first.

Mario's Pizza is a pizza place run by an imposter of Mario known as Evil Mario. It is known for that fact that every customer that goes in the restaurant is never seen again. Mario's Pizza has been closed down several times, but Mario is the one punished. Evil Mario re-opened Mario's Pizza. Ingredients may vary, but they are almost always poisonous. There is only one restaurant and it is located somewhere in New York City, just across the street from Spider-Man's house. The building is made with thick cardboard and duct tape.

In 2012, investigations show that the poison contained in the pizzas are Cementygas. The restaurant is now fully quarantined, but another one was opened down the block.

On November 9, 2013, Mario' Pizza was finally shutdown after the cops drove by and saw Evil Mario feeding Two children poisoned Meat Pizza. The cops then broke in and got Evil Mario arrested. Evil Mario was sued over -$10000000000000000000000000 undollars and was sentenced over 9000 years. Mario's Pizza was shut down and demolished on November 17, 2013.

It was rumored that Ganon and/or Peter Pan is running a top secret underground Mario's Pizza store somewhere in New York City. These rumors are FALSE. However, the website for Mario's Pizza is still online (though it can only be accessed by members of the Elmo Gang for some reason). The only chance of any Mario's Pizza ever being opened again is if the real Mario decided it would be kinda funny to poison people, which wouldn't pass him. On 25th September 2018, Evil Mario Re-opend the brand and opend resturant in San Fransico, Chicago and Washington D.C.


The following information is classified. Read at your own risk of being hunted down by Evil Mario

Item Description Price
Regular Pizza Pizza with poison crust, poison sauce, and poison cheese. $100
Meat Pizza A regular pizza with poison pepperoni, poison sausage, and poison bacon. $200
Vegetarian Pizza A poison meat pizza with a poison hamburger patty on top of it. $200
Dessert Pizza A pizza with poison cookies for crust, with poison ice cream for the rest of the pizza. $10
Poisonous Pizza A pizza with random toppings, but it always contains lava for sauce. Ironically, it is the only nonpoisonous item serves at this restaurant, although it is still dangerous to ingest. $13.37
Spaghetti Pizza A pizza with spaghetti on it. Oh, and it has poison. $15