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This HAR is a list of Fuhrers, those German military dudes who kill lotsa other people. Many of them were Nazis, though many were not.

Fuhrers of Germany

Fuhrer Term Notes
Darwin Watterson 1000-1100 Founded country.
Albert Einstein 1100-1107 Overthrew Watterson in non-violent coup.
Goku 1107-1146 Declared himself ruler when Einstein decided science was better than politics.
Darth Vader 1146-1202 Came back to claim what was rightly his. Scared Goku off with the Death Star.
Bob the Builder 1202-1229 Darth Vader got bored with Germany, so Bob gained Everybody's trust.
Gandalf 1229-1286 Cast Bob away after Bob caused chaos.
Nobody 1286-1348 Gandalf vanished one morning. Germany was thrown into anarchy.
Coffee 1348-1351 A bunch of Coffee Worshipers took over and Promoted Coffee to Fuhrer status.
Gumball Watterson 1351-1551 Decided the nonsense must end and took over his brother's work. Led the only peaceful era of Germany.
Toka Ryuumonbuchi 1551-1553 Gumball chose to go to Bikini Bottom under "mysterious circumstances" and the vice-Fuhrer, Toka, took over.
Tom 1553-1554 Nobody dared challenge his rule after Toka died.
Bowser 1554-1643 Occupied Germany to help him in the Hyrulian Civil War. Spread the Nazi party to Germany.
Angry Sun 1643-1702 Was Bowser's vice-Fuhrer, took power after Bowser didn't need Germany.
Baby Sun 1702-1777 Eventually convinced her father to give her power.
Starless 1777-1779 Overthrew Baby Sun and threw Germany into darkness.
Ludwig van Beethoven 1779-1802 Used his powerful music to save Germany from Starless.
Vendetta Williams 1802-1812 Killed Beethoven and took over.
Adolf Hitler 1812-1942 Inherited throne from Williams. Started the War of 1812 and World War II.
Hitler's Clone 1942-1945 Created to be Fuhrer after it was too dangerous for real Hitler.
Gary the Snail 1945-2013 Voted into office after the war ended.
Benson 2013-2086 Shot Gary in a period of insanity. Declared himself new Fuhrer
Weeping Angels 2086-2445 Took over by sending Everybody back in time.
Dexter Grif 2445-2540 Accidentally dropped a bomb on Germany, wiping out the angels. Decided he could declare himself Fuhrer so he wouldn't have to work.
Master Chief 2540-2549 Saved Germany from anarchy caused by Grif.
Counsel of Bronies 2549-2642 After Master Chief left to fight, the Bronies took power.
Satan 2642-2959 Realizing how much demon-spawn had gathered in Germany, Satan took over.
Captain 0 2959-2993 Liberated Germany from a literal Hell.
Darth Vader 2993-3178 Given the throne as rightful ruler after Captain 0 had fixed everything.
Marguerite Williams 3178-4000 Vader was summoned by Freak with the Hood, so the last living relative of Vendetta Williams took the throne. Almost destroyed Germany in World War III.
Ped Xing 4000-4001 After WWIII, Dr. Xing took over Germany, intending to expand his chain of acupuncture clinics. He failed, and was killed by Kaylo.
Kaylo 4001-4444 Turned Germany into Chuck E. Cheese's. Was banished to Hyrule in 4444.
Happycat 4444-The end and beyond... Took over Germany in 4444. Ruled it until The end and beyond...