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File:=D koromo.jpg
Koromo in the flesh of all of her obsidian glory.

Koromo Ryuumonbuchi (sometimes called Koromo Amae for no reason) is the cousin of the evil Fuhrer Toka Ryuumonbuchi and seeks revenge on Corey for food poisoning and killing her. Once a human, she was metamorphized into a demon by Marx as she failed to please him concerning money issues. Koromo was the most notorious descendant of Ryuumonbuchi's Four Heavenly Kings, due to her cutthroat strength and unbelievable craving for cotton candy, to the point where she even made a deal with the Ice King in which she supplied him with marijuana in exchange for more of the delicious sugary sweet. Amae also wrote a non-fiction book entitled "How I Learned to Keep Calm, Relax, Use Coping Skills, and Not Constantly Fear of a Nuclear War Eliminating My Home in Seconds". Her birthday is September 6th.


Koromo was born in New Jersey by a woman supposedly impregnated by Hugh Boll (which further adds to the theory of Toka being the Antichrist). Of course, this woman was indirectly related to Touka, which thus caused Touka to be Koromo's cousin, though due to the fact that Touka was German, she had to have some German in her as well, but by that logic, Touka wouldn't be related. Wait, is Hugh Boll a German?

Sometime later in life, she made a pact with Marx to supply him with 500$ monies monthly to help him with his business. However, somewhere along the way, she was turned into a demon by Marx due to failure to comply fully with the pact at hand.

Feud With Josh Todd

In 2009, Amae sparked a legal fight with Josh Todd, the frontman of the Californian hard rock band Buckcherry, due to his music. No, seriously, Koromo actually sued Josh Todd for sucking - something never before seen in the media world before. In an interview with Kerrang! in March 2009, she said:


Josh Todd merely replied, which sparked the later legal conflict;


About three weeks later, the two of them began the legal duel. In the end, Koromo managed to win and sue Josh Todd with the help of Billy Corgan and her cousin Touka as her lawyers. Josh Todd lost 62,000 dollars in the aftermath.