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King Harkinian (better known as The King or King of Hyrule) is the King of West Hyrule. He originally ruled all of Hyrule, but after the Hyrulean Civil War, he took West Hyrule, and gave Squadala Man East Hyrule. Then Bowser stool part of Hyrule (nowadays known as North Hyrule) from the King and Fake Bowser and Fake Robotnik took over the south of Hyrule.

His favorite food is DINNER and he has a Dinner Blaster (Powered by the triforce of DINNER). He used to be Princess Zelda's father but in The Wind Waker he got turned into a boat or something. (No wait, was that a different king?)

Despite being a good guy, he was the final boss of the shame, Final Spaghetti, where he can summon his boi and use the powerful magic of DINNER. Mario and Mama Luigi had to chase after him as he kidnapped Peach, yet they forgot about her when they destroyed the castle.

He starred in the Zelda CD-I show.

Harkinian likes DINNER, he likes aiding Duke Onkled. He likes to talk to, and about, his boi, Link. He also likes talking about his shipt, and how it sails in the morning. Harkinian often wonders about what's for dinner, and how he can help, despite the fact that he has never really helped at all.

One day, The King was at the castle doing DINNER Blaster practice with his new Super Ultra DINNER Blaster, Bowser and his minions attcked the castle, kidnapped The King and then locked him up in Bowser's Castle. Bowser then stole the Super Ultra DINNER Blaster from King Harkinian, and tried to take oner Hyrule, but he was unsuccessful, and Harkinian bribed the castle guards with a cookie, escaped and LAZORed the castle. Bowser heard about this, and sent his goombas to recapture The King, but Mario jumped on them. Bowser later modified the stolen Super Ultra DINNER Blaster to use a special type of DINNER, and he took over Germany, for no reason.

He also started the new trading card series, CD-i & Youtube Poop Trading Cards. They are cards that have people that star in CD-i games and Youtube Poops.

Facts about the King

Recently, YTP News interviewed the King of Hyrule and asked him many questions to find out about his personality. These are the results:

  • Favourite food: DINNER
  • Favourite activity: DINNER
  • Favourite meal: DINNER
  • Favourite book: DINNER
  • Favourite hobby: DINNER
  • Favourite colour: DINNER
  • Favourite animal: DINNER
  • Favourite Cheese Flavour: DINNER
  • Favourite anime: One Piece
  • Favourite Shame: DINNER
  • Favourite Holiday: DINNER
  • Favourite Desert: DINNER
  • Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: DINNER
  • Love Interest: DINNER
  • Favorite childhood moment: DINNER
  • Favourite kind of DINNER: DINNER
  • Favourite brand of dishwashing detergent: DINNER

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