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Template:Image Bowser's Great Adventures a.k.a King Bowser is a shame created by Fake Nintendo. It is One of those shames that makes Bowser look more awesome than he actually is, because he's the main character, even though he's the bad guy. King Bowser sold really great, but Bowser did stand at the doors of various shame stores saying "Buy my shame or die! Buy my shame or die! Hey there, BUY MY SHAME OR DIE!"


Bowser is pacing in his castle when he realizes that Mario is only cool because he has a mustache, and Peach is annoying because she is always nagging about something. Meanwhile, Zelda is actually a princess worthy of Bowser, and Link... well, Link is better than Mario.

Bowser goes off to Hyrule Castle to kill Zelda, but Ganon walks up, and says that this is his turf. Bowser kills him for using a weird word like "turf" (Ganon isn't really dead), and he throws a bomb in the castle, and blows it up. Zelda then walks out unharmed, and then brainwashes Bowser's minions. Then Zelda blows Bowser back to Bowser's Castle.

Then Bowser grabs his AK-47 with ACOG Scope attached to it and goes to West Hyrule.........


Level 1: Bowser's Castle (Part 1):

Bowser grabs his weapons and fights Zelda's minions. Then he encounters Gravity Cat.

Boss: Gravity Cat: He flies around and farts posion gas.

Level 2: Bowser City

Bowser defeats Gravity Cat and heads to Bowser City and he looks for any clues that will help him on his journey.

Boss: Smart Snake: He tries to strangle Bowser.

Level 3: Squadala City: Bowser goes to East Hyrule where he finds Squadala Man and Morshu. The two men join Bowser's party.

Boss: Mitt Romney: He uses the fires of Hell.

Level 4: Soviet Russia: Bowser and his party finds out that the Russian Army is selling weapons to West Hyrule. The gang go to Russia.

Boss: Dr. Robotnik: He attacks the party with Pingas.

Level 5: Poland: Bowser and his gang go to Poland to stop an Anti-Nazi Rebellion that is selling illegal supplies to West Hyrule.

Boss: Lemming Captain: He throws Lemmings at the party.


The shame was praised for its fantastic storyline, and more importantly, the fact that Bowser decided to forget about Mario and Peach, because everyone is tired of them. 

However, the shame was criticized in graphics, shameplay, sound, character motivation, realistic powers, and pretty much every other possible aspect that could be criticized. The Angry Video Game Nerd said it was one of the best shame ever created not because he was forced to, but because it was so realistic.