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Kaori Senoo was the leader of the Japanese Sonic Fan brigade in the Battle of Tokyo, A.K.A the final Battle of The Videogame War. She was killed in the Siege of Weegee's Cove and thrown to PHILIPS in a final, desperate attempt to stop the Mario fans.

Role in the Videogame War

Kaori did not play a role in the Videogame War until the final battle, the Battle of Tokyo. She was hired by Yuji Naka to hold off the Mario fans coup de at lead by Mouser.

Kaori proceeded to battle Mouser when the fight was at it's peak, and threw him to Phillips. Kaori's forces then drove the Mario fans to Weegee's Cove, where the true final battle began.

When the battle went in favor of the Mario fans, Kaori lead a desperate attempt to stop them, but before she could do anything important she was crushed and killed by a rock from the Great Chuck Norris Explosion, which ended the war. After she was killed, she was thrown to PHILIPS by the Mario coup d'état to avenge Mouser.

Recently, she was resurrected to be a slave for Saimoe. However, during the mad dash to haul ass out of the island during the Buster Call triggered by Johnny C., she was killed.