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I.M. Meen

Ignatius Mortimer Meen (October 4, 1923 - September 7, 2015) is a crazy librarian, who HATES clever goody-goodies. He hates books too and lives in the library (O_o). He is also one of the craziest beings who ever existed, and behaves in a stupid manner.

He has a little secret, which can really make childen cry, and very huge book. His book (called "Teh Magik Laberint of I.M. Meen") is made to order, but isn't to be read. It contains very scary and confusing mazes for stupid guys. He also has stupid elf minion called Gnorris (who is related to Chuck Norris). thumb|300px|right|His theme song. I.M. Meen is the famous dancer. His Book Dance won second place on dance competition (Captain Lou Albano won first place for Do the Mario). He was recently dethroned as #2 dancer by the Dancing Banana, known for the dancing to PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME.

There is not much info about his personal life. He's husband of Ophelia who gives him free chairs. He likes to jump on random objects like desks and chairs.

He died in Sambava on September 7, 2015 from probally a Cardiovascular disease.

He was later revived on the 7th of september 2115, about one centery later. Nobody knows where he is, but few say that they saw him running down sesame street. Naked. End of story. Period.