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Template:War The Hyrulian Civil War was a war fought between four different section of Hyrule. Lasting almost 666 years, it is one of the worst wars to ever disgrace itself on the face of the Earth.


Split of East and West

The war first started when Bowser went to Hyrule Castle to negotiate with King Harkinian for power. However, Harkinian spat in Bowser's face. Bowser got revenge by getting help from his friend, Squadala Man, Bowser and his Squadala Man declared war on Hyrule by making East Hyrule. Harkinian got mad, and the war started.

North Hyrule

After two days of fighting, Bowser realized that even though it was his dirty work, he and Squadala Man werent done yet. So, he sent his army with Squadala Empire Support in, and he took over the northern part of West Hyrule. He created North Hyrule, and declared himself ruler.

South Hyrule

Eventually, Fake Bowser and Fake Robotnik made the "Fake Alliance", and decided to be responsible for some of Hyrule. They invaded some places, and made South Hyrule. But then King Harkinian attempted to steal their bikes.

End of the War

King Harkinan wanted the fighting to stop, so he invited Bowser, Squadala Man, Fake Bowser and Fake Robotnik to sign the Hyrulian Treaty which ended the war. The leaders signed and the horror finally came to an end.

Random Info


  • Bowser - The Evil Koopa King. He is the ruler of North Hyrule, and friend of Squadala Man.
  • Wizardheimer - Bowser's second favorite necromancer.
  • Squadala Man - Ruler of the Squadala Empire and
  • King Harkinian - The King of West Hyrule.
  • Gwonam - A Koridian wizard fighting on behalf of Koridai.
  • Dr. Robotnik - Ruler of South Hyrule
  • Fake Robotnik - An imitation Robotnik, who works for the real one.
  • Fake Bowser - A green version of Bowser, who works for Bowser. Instead of hair, he has a crown.
  • Morshu - A Koridian shopkeeper, who sold weapons to all sides.

Types of Soldiers

  • Hyrulian Solider - 500,000
  • Squadala Knight 500,000
  • Sledge Bro. - Over 1,000,000
  • Hammer Bro. - Over 1,000,000
  • Koopa Spy - 999,999
  • Goomba Scout - 999,999
  • Fake-Bot - 709,595
  • Fake Bro. - 709,595


  • Dinner Blaster - Hyrulian Solider
  • Squadala Bazooka - Squadala Knight
  • Squadala Bomb - Squadala Empire
  • Giant Hammer - Sledge Bro.
  • Dangerous Hammer - Hammer Bro.
  • Bowser Flamethrower - Koopa Spy
  • Goomba Machine Gun - Goomba Scout
  • Lazor - Fake-Bot
  • Heavy Weapon - Fake Bro.
  • Sword - Everyone
  • Throwing Knives - Everyone
  • Bombs - Everyone (Sold by Morshu)


  • Hyrulian Pilot
  • Squadala Pilot
  • Air Bro.
  • Pilot Bro.
  • Para Troopa
  • Para Goomba
  • Fake Robot Bomber
  • Fake Para Troopa

Air Weapons

  • Hyrulian TNT - Hyrulean Pilot
  • Squadala Missle - Squadala Pilot
  • Air Hammer - Air Bro.
  • Koopa Laser - Pilot Bro.
  • Flying Shell - Para Troopa
  • Para Bob-omb - Para Goomba
  • 2 Handguns - Fake Robot Bomber
  • Shotgun - Fake Para Troopa