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A map of Hyrule showing North, East, and West
Flag of Hyrule (before Hyrulian Civil War). Now it's flag of West Hyrule.


Hyrule is a small but EPIC country in Europe, full of HARD castles, Special forests, Super deserts, Mega volcanoes, OVAR 9001 mountains and the Epic kings. After Hyrulian Civil War it was split in four parts: West, East, North and South Hyrule. West Hyrule belongs to the The King and East Hyrule belongs to Squadala Empire. North Hyrule belongs to Bowser. South Hyrule belongs to Fake Bowser ,Fake Robotnik and Somebody.

Places in Hyrule

Hyrule is a part of Top 20 Places You Will Die At. Template:Dinner